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Who we are and what we do for our partners

Tesna Simonsen George


Appointing a representation company is a big step, however it is a vital one. The UK market remains one of the largest source markets for many destinations.  It is a very well established market with trends (and staff) that constantly change.  This is one of the main reasons why it is important to constantly have a foot in the door.  It is not just competition from other suppliers that is a challenge but other destinations who are also constantly knocking on the doors of the operators.  That is why those suppliers  with a firm presence in the market achieve greater market share. 


There are many representation companies in the UK market and this makes your decision even harder.  We have a proven track record in the market and have secured very loyal relationships with the trade.  We have been working in this market for 18 years. 


We are a small company with a small portfolio.  We ensure that each client in the portfolio receives the time and dedication they deserve.   We will never take on a client that competes with any of our existing clients. With us it is about your brand, not ours.  We are here to ensure the trade are aware of who you are and what your brand entails.  We see ourselves as a natural extension to your local sales team.


We recognise the importance of maintaining relationships with the trade. To this end, we offer a comprehensive range of services including staff training, meetings with product managers, implementation of strategic and well-researched marketing plans, FAM trips, social media updates, PR services for India,  representation at national and international travel trade shows & workshops plus much more. 

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